Monday, 19 October 2009

Thrifty Time......

Well after writing in my last entry that we wanted to have a back street Christmas NOT a high street one I found this lovely blog - Dottie Angel - and look what she is doing.....

What a fantastic idea and imagine how many small independent traders we would keep in business if more of us did this too??

So with that in mind I decided to have a look around the other stall holders at Topsham Market on Saturday to see if I could start my gift buying for Christmas there and I found this dress for £6.00, it is LOVELY quality and though the label has been cut out I am sure it would have been an expensive buy  because it is made so well.

We have said that all gifts will be £5.00 or under this year - oh dear, I went over budget on one of the first ones but the recipient will love it - she doesnt 'do' computers so no danger of her finding out!!
I think that so many of you have such great ideas with trades,swaps and giveaways - it is truly heartwarming!

So if you want to  enter into this pledge too you can click on the picture below on the side bar and visit Dottie Angel too...

This week I am updating my Christmas Cupboard so 'hi ho , hi ho its off to work I go'.......well just as far as the cupboard under the stairs!

Warm Wishes for a wonderful week,
Cally xxx


Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

This is a fabulous idea!
Have a brill week, Cally. Xx

Kelly said...

What a lovely dress! I'm sure it will be loved!
Great idea about the handcrafted items, I'm not sure i could keep it up for a whole year though! Maybe I will give it a try though!

lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Pomona said...

I am glad that someone else is joining the challenge - I have bought some lovely handmade things recently. Internet, blogging and Etsy make it all much easier to find what you want.

Pomona x