Friday, 19 July 2013

A new home...

We have moved!

I cannot believe it is such a long time since I last blogged here...incredible how time flies!

A lot has happened in the last twelve months,two most notable events being the passing of my Beloved Grandma and us moving...Both of them were emotional and it has taken time for the dust to settle...

But here we are now and I have even managed to get all the goodies that I make and sell into their own home...a little shed on the patio called Kitties Pretties-which has a Facebook page and a blog all of it's own...

Kitties Pretties

(Which I will try to link-Blogger has changed a little in my absence so I am trying to catch up!)

We now live on the outskirts of Exeter,close to a place I love- Powderham Castle,they had a Vintage Vehicle Fair at the weekend so we strolled along to take a look..

This lovely stole my heart completely!

 I have loved these since I was little and seeing one so beautifully restored was a joy!

 The detail was stunning...

And so colourful..

It was a lovely Fair and we consider ourselves VERY lucky to live so close to such a lovely place...

These beauties are our neighbours!

I am off to catch up with all the blogs that I have missed..

Warm Wishes,