Monday, 31 August 2009

Happy Thought and Pictures

I thought that this week rather than tell you what I have been up to, I would post a few feelgood pictures and sayings - I have witnessed first hand this week the struggles some of us are coping with at the moment and I want to take a moment to say to anyone reading this that you are not alone. So if you are feeling a little low or if life is testing you, I hope that the following sayings may comfort or inspire you and that the images may make you smile!!

With warmest wishes for a wonderful week.......

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Christmas Cupboard

welcome wreath
Well, recently we had such a miserable rainy day that bears no resemblance to summer at all that a few friends and I got together to cheer ourselves up and had a Christmas coffee morning!!

And I thought I would show you some of the goodies that were on offer that morning, in the cupboard under our stairs (now remember that I am Mrs.Christmas, won't you?)

the cupboard appears..
We have angels and teddy bears and all sorts living under the stairs in the Christmas Cupboard....

angels 1
These lovely Christmas angels are now for sale......they are all very excited at the prospect!

angels 3
And this little lovely - who is a little shyer than the others - is also for sale- if you are interested in any of them please go to The Christmas Cupboard link to the side of the page...

scatter kindness
Warm Wishes for a wonderful week.....

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Market Day

What a wonderful day!

We left the house bright and early and it was the loveliest sunny day that we have had for a while, which really added to the feeling of excitement. We got to Topsham Market, set up our wares and then went off to look around at all the other tables - and what a lovely selection of goodies! The cinnamon swirls WERE there - so it would have been rude not to have bought a couple!

Everyone was so friendly and the organiser is wonderful; she even cooks breakfasts out in the kitchen area, what a lady! Below are some photos of some of the other lovelies on offer....

Cinnamon Swirls
Homemade bread and CINNAMON SWIRLS.....

Vintage goodies.....Vintage goodies.....

Olive Tree
.....I TOLD you there were Olive Trees.....

.....Something for the garden?

HomewareOr for the home?

(And here is a little lovespoon that we found, handcarved locally by a spoon maker who teaches this art at his home on Dartmoor.....for more information visit Hennock House Blog)

Jons spoon
NOW, here are some photos of our table...

Callys Cottage

Rose Display Lavender Display

Our biggest sellers of the day were the Friendship tea bag envelopes (including tea bag) that I made during the week.....they sold out!! Wonderful!

Friendship tea bag envelopes We were met with the warmest of receptions and sold ribbon, tablecloths, lavender bags, teddies - and lovely Lavinia went to a good new home too!

We have been invited back on the 22nd August, so I better get busy making more things.....

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Off to market we go....

Well, this week we have been busy preparing for the lovely indoor market at Topsham on Saturday. I have never attended this one as a seller, just a buyer, but it is full of lovely things! Handmade bread and cinnamon swirls - there goes the waistline again!! Scrummy homemade cakes, jewellery, olive trees - yes you heard right - fresh fruit and vegetables and a lovely range of bric'a'brac and vintage goodies - so here's hoping people will like what I have to offer!

And what am I offering? As it is supposed to be summer I thought that I would take a lavender and rose themed selection, so we have packed handmade soaps, lavender bags, ribbons, buttons, material, teddybears and a few tablecloths too.

Here are some photographs to tempt you with...

oops she is not off to market

Oops! Lovely Lottie's not off to market!

selection of cotton vintage ribbons

A selection of vintage-style cotton ribbons and ribbon rosebuds in gift bags...

teddies and tablecloths

...teddies and tablecloths...

lavender collection

...a collection of lavender lovelies...

lavender bear

...and, last but not least, Lavinia Bear!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Welcome to my first post on my first blog- will anyone out there read it, I ask myself? Oh well, here goes...

welcome to my cottage where we keep christmas in our hearts all year
My name is Callie - nickname Mrs.Christmas - and welcome to my blog, and to my cottage where we keep Christmas in our hearts all year! But there is a reason - I promise, I make and source Christmas decorations all year - which means that I have to have some decorations up all year partly because I need a tree, garlands etc to photograph the goodies that I sell, but also because I am a Christmas devotee and used to get so sad putting all our lovely decorations away, I decided that I loved them all too much to put them back in boxes, was tired of worrying what people would think if I kept them out all year and decided to wear my nickname with pride!! 

christmas tree with beautiful scandinavian and country christmas lovelies
As you will see from the photographs I specialise in Scandinavian and Country Christmas lovelies and have sold at Christmas Markets for the last few years, having done the' retail thing' in the past I prefer markets, fairs and coffee mornings - they are much more fun! It was while I was at a small craft village last Christmas that I was given the idea to join the 'blog family' by two lovely ladies who independently came in and photographed my little cabin and posted the photos on their blogs. They were both so kind and supportive that I have followed their blogs ever since - The Vintage Magpie and Sal's Snippets. They are always full of news and lovely photographs - as well as gorgeous things to buy....

I now do everyday markets too, with a selection of vintage, homespun and country style items as well as crafty bits'n'bobs. I am also looking to sell some bits on this blog - but as I have some markets to do this month I will be doing that over the next month or two.I will be at Topsham market on Saturday 8th August with some craft bits - photographs to follow.

Anyway I hope that there are some of you out there who love the spirit of Christmas as much as I do and that some of the posts, quotes and photographs that I publish will give you that little bit of Christmas cheer everyday!

With Warm Wishes to You,